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Here we are after 54 years of my life I have finally decided to put up a web site and share my life with you!

Living here in the desert for over ten years has given me more of a perspective of why my decision to write my book was essential for me. Opening up to people was never an options for me until now.  It was extremely easy to become whatever I needed to be in order to be accepted by others or to live in a make-believe world (as I have spent most of my life doing).

It was time for me to get off the roller coaster and face my fears of the world and my public with the “whole truth and nothing but the truth”.

My book is a tell-all for folks who want to know the real me, and for my friends who have been asking me for a decade: Who are you?

Who is this women behind the mask? No more hiding, I thought to myself. This is it.  My life is finally going to be out there, and will my friends understand why I kept my life such a big secret.

My book has been written in my own words. Upon completion, light editing and some changes of the format will be done for the sole purpose of proper reading etiquette.  Be the first to have your own rough copy of my book. ( Coming in 2017/2018 )

I want to thank all of you for taking the time to visit my web site.  Please come again soon.


Very truly yours,

Rebecca Clark

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